​Building Employees Post Covid

​Building Employees Post Covid

Posted by AA on 25th Aug 2022

Employee appreciation and satisfaction in the workplace have always been key components of company growth. COVID certainly had its impact after the remote work environment and so many people changing positions or shifting to new employers. Now more than ever, companies struggle not only to find/hire committed people but retaining them is a whole new challenge

The recognition award industry is booming as the times have changed post-COVID. Employers and corporations are now seeing and understanding the immense value or return on investment that custom recognition awards and appreciation gifts have when presented properly to employees.

These are the key components in growing from the inside out. people have an intrinsic need to feel valued and many studies have proven in the past that receiving rewards or appreciation gifts in front of their peers far outweighs a gift card or small monetary gifts to show appreciation.

When done properly, which means an actual date set to present a customer award with one's name on it to explain what the achievement is can create a lasting impact on motivation while encouraging people who do great work. There are so many levels that have long-term benefits concerning gifting or showing genuine appreciation from an employer. Just a few of which are below

  • A tangible crystal ward or something of the like can be displayed for all to see. Everyone appreciates a means of displaying their achievement. In addition, everyone loves to see their name displayed as a point of recognition.
  • The second most powerful component of custom awards and employee gifts or the ability for others to see that the com
    pany makes a point to recognize hard work while also adding a point of competition. this can be a natural component that drives performance and excellence overall when coworkers no and continually see something that was used as recognition of their achievements.

Post-COVID corporations are now incorporating extensive recognition programs to retain healthy happy talent. But there is a caveat that must be met for a successful outcome. Studies continue to show that employees who receive low-level inexpensive promotional can often feel devalued based on their perceived value of the item. In other words, many of the corporate awards and traditional award plaques of the past often made in cheap walnut or trophy shot quality has little to no impact.

Truth be told they usually end up in a desk drawer, the attic, and or eventually in the waste can. In these circumstances of course, no one wins.

successful recognition starts with creating a budget along with the categories you wish to recognize. Secondly choose quality premium products that you're proud to give and receive, that are worthy of display. This is not an area to choose slightly which is why ASAP awards only hand builds high-quality crystal and premium finished custom awards.

If you don't have a budget currently for a custom awards employee program then you can always start small such as a handwritten letter of appreciation. Graduate slowly into an awards program or small banquet or you can then invite the coworkers as well as a quarterly or end-of-the-year recognition program which will then become an event that people look forward to each year. This will also enable you to have the right surroundings to show employees the company truly appreciates them, While also handling them a custom crystal award as a tangible reminder of their accomplishments.

This is the greatest way to start but if you still have questions and are at Ground Zero we can help! since 1981 we've been hand-building custom premium crystal awards and impressive business award plaques that help companies grow from the inside out.

“Build People and then People will Build Your Business!”