Crystal Awards


Crystal Appreciation Awards Hand Built to recognize people who do great work!

Our 3rd generation family is passionate about building and sand carving crystal appreciation awards & plaques that instill a true sense of gratitude for another’s achievement.

These elegant Crystal engraved gratitude awards are exclusive designs by our folks to ensure the person your recognizing receives an amazing gift they'll be proud to receive with a deep sense of gratitude.

Each Crystal Appreciation Trophy is sand carved by hand displaying true pride of craftsmanship. This process penetrates the crystal creating depth and elegance that refracts light dynamically, unlike most who use a lessor method of laser engraving that only marks the surface leaving behind a dull gray sometimes difficult to read image.

If you wish to express appreciation and gratitude towards employees or clients that they’ll be proud to display as a reminder that someone noticed them, crystal recognition awards will leave a lasting impression!

We guarantee a smile from your recipient as they truly feel recognized and appreciated for their efforts with Crystal Engraved Awards and Gifts.