Framed Awards

Custom Framed Awards and Framed Plaques for Employee Recognition and Client Appreciation that works!

Leave an Impression with our custom framed Awards & plaques for a wonderful way to recognize and appreciate folks with a completely custom wall hanging gift or achievement Award.

The full color pallet of Frame matte colors and cuts allow incredible creativity to design a stunning Framed Awards that not only matches your company colors or logo, but provides a beautiful recognition award or appreciation plaque that anyone would be proud to display.

We’re passionate about building people through recognition with vibrant framed award plaques that folks are proud to display as their accomplishments while fueling others to be their best version as well!

Every Framed Award plaque is hand built by our folks here in St. Louis, MO and assembled with a purpose of showing true appreciation that leaves and impression

For 3 generations we’ve been hand building beautiful Framed Awards of Appreciation and Achievement Awards you’d be proud to give or receive!

Can I customize the colors on the framed awards and plaques?
Absolutely, that is what makes our framed awards such a wonderful and vibrant choice! Each framed award and plaque shown has a large selection of the color matting available that will help you personalize a fabulous custom award to be proud of.
Are the designs exactly as shown for each framed award item?
We start with a cut design on the framed awards to help you see the cut design first. By showing many custom styles you can simply choose the style most appealing for the framed plaque, then simply choose the matting colors to your own style or company colors. Our team will arrange your text and logo inside the design and send your proof.
How do I better understand where each framed award color location when choosing the mats?
Great question! Each custom framed award plaque will have the color choices as shown: 1. “Top Mat” which is the predominant color you’ll see 2. “Inner Accent” which is the thin border color 3. Background Mat, that is the background if available. Please note that every custom framed award and plaque may or may not have all three layers to customize the color. This helps us keep prices at wholesale so you can create fantastic designs within your company budget. We can also create a completely custom framed award if necessary, just give us a call or email
Can the framed awards and plaques use and easel for self standing?
Yes, most of our custom framed awards do have an premium leather finish easel on back that allows the framed plaque to be displayed on a horizontal surface or hand on the wall. The larger sizes do not as the increased weight does not accommodate an easel. Consult factory with questions for customizing your awards.
Why are they called premium framed awards?
All of our custom Framed awards are hand built with premium components in house one layer at a time. For example, the front is not glass, it’s museum grade acrylic. Acrylic will not shatter if the frame award were dropped in addition the museum grade acrylic blocks all UV light from passing into the frame contents. This is super important as depending on the location you choose to display, glass can allow the internal contents to fade over time. Ours framed awards an plaques are built to last a lifetime and will look just as good in 20 years as it did when you first receive it..
Can I personalize the framed awards with individual names?
You sure can. Our team hand builds each award from scratch taking great care and pride in the craftsmanship which allows us to customize with a name, logo, whatever the need, we can help.
How of the framed awards packaged when ordering quantities?
Often the framed awards and plaques will be gently packaged into small groups of 5 or less per shipping carton. This allows our team to take great care in packing the custom framed awards, so they have a gently ride and arrive ready for display. We also package the framed awards individually for some customers who need them drop shipped to multiple destinations. Whatever the need, we can help..
What do I do if my custom framed awards arrive damaged?
Although extremely rare since our team takes great pride in our comfort packaging system, we will on occasion find a framed award that was handled poorly during transit. If this is the case, just check your package immediately upon arrival, review all sides of the framed awards then send us a few pictures so we can assist. You will want to save the shipping box as well so the shipping company can take a look. We’ll work to resolve any issues quickly, but it is extremely rare..
When will your send proofs with my framed award text and logo?
We are fast around here….24 hours during the business week we send all proof that will show the framed award plaques ordered and your text and logo displayed according to the design you chose. Once you review carefully for accuracy, reply to the email with approved or the necessary correction and we’ll send a new proof or move to production.
How long has Asap Awards been building framed awards and plaques?
Since 1981. Were a 3rd generation company who takes tremendious pride in our hand built exclusive designs. Our folks believe deeply in the power of recognizing and appreciating people, employee, and clients alike who do great work. This is recognition that works by building people with custom awards and gifts that leave a lasting impression.