Military Plaque Awards

Military Plaque Awards and Trophies to Recognize Excellence!

At Asap Awards we're Proud to be an American and have great admiration for the folks who serve in our United States Military!

Our U.S. Military folks go above and beyond to defend our Nation, protect national interests, and to fulfill national military responsibilities within the interest of the American People.

Military Custom Trophies, Medals, Engraved Plaques and Military Engraved Awards that instill a deep sense of Appreciation through Military Custom Plaque, Trophies and recognition Awards You'd be proud to give and Proud to receive. These designs allow you to choose a full photo, text, any insignia and color to highlight their excellence and the Division of Military Service.

These Military Framed Plaques Awards are designed to accommodate all 5 Branches of our Military. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and the U.S. Coast Guard!

We ship to APO, FPO and more. In addition, we provide an instant 5% discount for any order with an active Military email address. (request discount code from factory,

"Employee Recognition Awards your Proud to Give and Client Recognition Awards Their Proud to Display"