3D Statues: A Bold New Way To Reward and Recognize Employees

3D Statues: A Bold New Way To Reward and Recognize Employees

Posted by AA on 9th Sep 2020

If you’re looking for a bold new way to reward and recognize employees for professional excellence, you should consider using the stylish 3D statues offered here at These magnificent awards offer a full three-dimensional design for a truly unique look that’s not found elsewhere. Employees will appreciate the beautiful style of a 3D statue, improving its effectiveness as a recognition award.

Companies can always opt for traditional flat plaques as a source of recognition awards. In fact, many companies prefer them simply because they hang on the walls. But if you want to offer your employees a bold new alternative to traditional flat plaques, there’s no better choice than a 3D statue. You can browse through a wide range of meticulously designed 3D statues and sculptures here at, some of which includes the Bronze Bull Award, Silver Eagle Award and Silver Dolphin Award.

One of the benefits to choosing a 3D statue is its beautiful stylish design. Most people will agree that a full three-dimensional handcrafted sculpture is superior in terms of aesthetics to traditional awards. Rather than getting tossed to the side, employees will hang on to these awards as a source of inspiration and motivation. And this is what an employee recognition program is all about.

Employee Recognition Program Setups: What You Should Know

Whether you decide to use 3D statues or traditional plaque awards, you’ll need to have a proper employee recognition program in place. You can read through some of our previous blog posts for more tips on setting up an employee recognition program, but the first step in the process is to decide when to reward employees. Some companies recognize and reward their employees for working X amount of years, while others reward employees for hitting a certain number of sales within a fiscal period.

After planning your employee recognition program, you should then inform your workers about it. Let them know exactly what it takes to achieve a reward, as this will create goals for them to strive for. If employees receive a recognition award for hitting 500 sales in a month, they’ll know what’s necessary to achieve this goal.

Implementing an employee recognition program in your company will improve worker productivity along with engagement. Studies have found that ‘disengaged’ workers are more likely to quit their job, forcing the company to spend additional time, money and resources to find a replacement. By utilizing an employee recognition program in your workplace, though, you can naturally improve worker engagement while boosting productivity.