5 Elements To Building Long-Term Client Relationships

5 Elements To Building Long-Term Client Relationships

Posted by AA on 20th Oct 2018

Strong client relationships are the backbone of any successful business. Most business owners know how to find new clients, but many overlook the importance of keeping their clients happy and content over a long period of time. Here, we’re going to reveal the 5 key elements to building long-term client relationships.

#1) Meet Deadlines

If you tell a client that his or her product/service will be delivered on a certain date, make sure you deliver either on or before the said deadline. Failing to meet deadlines is a critical mistake that can turn otherwise happy clients into disgruntled clients whom are no longer willing to conduct business with your company. On the other hand, meeting your deadlines shows clients that you take your work serious.

#2) Be Available

Clients want to know they can easily contact a business executive or representative should they have a question or concern about an order. To lay your clients’ worries to rest, you should make yourself available via cell phone, email, text message, etc. If you miss a phone call from a client, call them back promptly to address their needs. There’s nothing more frustrating from a client’s perspective than not being able to contact a company with whom they conduct business.

#3) Honesty Is The Best Policy

Be honest with your clients. Even little white lies can destroy client relationships, sending an unprofessional message to clients. Your business’s reputation is everything, so you shouldn’t jeopardize it by telling a little white lie. Tell clients the truth, even if means their order will be delayed due to human error on your part.

#4) Reward Clients

Of course, rewarding your clients with gifts is another simple way to keep them happy for the long haul. We talk about this in greater detail here, but company-branded t-shirts, coffee mugs, backpack, stationary supplies, and personalized trophies and plaques are all excellent client gifts. Giving these to your most valuable clients will develop stronger relationships, which subsequently keeps the wheels of trade turning for your business.

#5) It’s The Little Things That Count…

Calling a client out of the blue to give them an update on an order or project only takes a couple minutes, but it’s the small things such as this that create a positive image of you how you conduct business. Clients will notice these things and remain loyal to your business as a result