5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use The Bull Award

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use The Bull Award

Posted by AA on 16th Jun 2018

Whether you have a current employee recognition in place or looking to start one from scratch, you should consider using the bull award in your program. It’s a stylish, versatile form of recognition that all workers are sure to appreciate. While companies can always take the route of using generic gift cards in their recognition program, the bull award is more meaningful and ultimately more effective. If you’re still and can’t seem to decide on a reward for your employee recognition program, keep reading to learn 5 reasons why the bull award is the perfect choice.

Reason #1) Symbolizes Strength

The bull is a timeless symbol of strength, which is a key characteristic that goes hand in hand with employee recognition. Employees must use their strength to push themselves on the job, so this is a rather fitting form of recognition. The strength symbolized by the bull runs parallel to strength of hard-working, dedicated employees.

Reason #2) Brilliant Bronze Color

The bull award features a stunningly brilliant bronze coloring that shimmers in the light. Let’s face it, some employee recognition awards are dull, offering little-to-no real aesthetic value. Thankfully, the bull award combats this problem head on with its classic rustic appearance that fits into any office or home decor.

Reason #3) It’s 3-D

Of course, the bull award is produced in a full three-dimensional model. There’s certainly nothing wrong with just plaque awards for your company’s recognition program, but the beauty of 3D statues is unmatched. Employees are more likely to hang on and cherish a 3D statue award like the bull award.

Reason #4) Loaded With Detail

As you can see from the image above, the bull award is teeming with realistic details. It shows everything from the bulls horns and tail to its massive muscles and facial features. The bull award is a truly stunning piece of art that instantly draws the attention of those nearby. All of these small details work to bring the bull award to life.

Reason #5) High-Quality

Regardless of which particular bull award you choose (several different models available on our site), they are all made using only the highest quality materials and level of craftsmanship. Each hand-finished bull award is cast on a piece of solid mahogany wood. And companies are given the option to personalize their awards with the recipient’s name and/or custom artwork.