5 Tips To Keep Your Business Clients Happy

5 Tips To Keep Your Business Clients Happy

Posted by AA on 14th Jun 2019

Maintaining strong client relationships plays an important role in running a successful, sustainable business. Regardless of the industry or niche, practically every sales-oriented business relies is powered by client relationships. If a client is unhappy or otherwise dissatisfied, he or she may break ties with the business. So, how can business owners keep their clients happy and satisfied?

#1) Make Yourself Easy To Reach

Clients want to know that businesses of which they do business are just a phone call away. When businesses avoid communicating with their clients, it sends a red flag that something’s not right. This lowers a clients trust, which could result in them breaking ties. Make yourself easy to reach by offering clients several different ways to reach you, including cell phone, office phone, text, email, etc. And if you happen to miss a client’s call (bound to happen at some point), return their call in a timely manner.

#2) Deliver On Time

If your business delivers a physical product, live up to your word by delivering it on or before the “due date.” Clients often get anxious when a product they ordered isn’t delivered by the said due date. Even if it comes just a day later, that still leaves a bad impression on the client.

#3) Use Promotional Gifts

We talk about this in a previous blog post, but using promotional gifts is another excellent way to keep clients happy. From branded t-shirts and stationary supplies to personalized crystal trophies and framed awards, the possibilities are endless. Clients love to receive free stuff, so giving them an occasional gift will improve the overall relationships between you and your clients.

#4) Be Honest

If a problem arises with a client’s order, don’t make up excuses in an attempt to buy time. Once the client realizes what you are doing, he or she may take their business elsewhere. A better approach is to remain honest and truthful, even it means admitting human error on your part. We all make mistakes, but it takes extra strength to stand up and admit to one.

#5) Keep Clients Updates

Whether they request an update or not, it’s always a good idea for business owners to routinely inform clients on the status of their orders. It only takes a couple minutes to call a client, but doing so will send a positive message that you care about them and the subsequent relationship between your business.