About The Crystal Microphone Award

About The Crystal Microphone Award

Posted by AA on 3rd Apr 2020

Offered exclusively here at, the Crystal Podium Speaker Award is a highly stylish and equally versatile award featuring an authentic glass crystal microphone resting on top of a gloss-finished mahogany base. It’s a truly stunning award that’s useful in a number of different situations. To learn more about the Crystal Microphone Award and why you should choose it, keep reading.

It’s hard to describe the sheer beauty of an authentic crystal glass award without seeing it for yourself. The smooth, transparent surface naturally magnifies and reflects light, giving it an even more vibrant appearance. With more light reflecting through the glass, it instantly becomes more visible. The increased visibility and attention is just one of the many reasons why so many people prefer glass awards such as our Podium Speaker.

Glass awards also offer a stylish touch of aesthetics to the decor of a room or office. After walking into an area with one on display, chances are you will instantly be drawn to it. Glass awards easily blend into practically any style of type of decor. The clear surface with reflecting light allows for a smooth transition into a home or office.

The Crystal Microphone Podium Speaker award can be used by individuals and companies for a variety of reasons. Company executives oftentimes use them to reward employees for speaking in front of an audience. Public speaking isn’t an easy task by any means, but rewarding employees with a crystal award will give them the drive and encouragement to excel in front of the microphone.

Of course, this award can also be used to reward singers, songwriters and aspiring artists. The elegant high-end crystal design is the perfect trophy and symbol of accomplishment. With its unique microphone sculpting, it’s ideal for those in the music and entertainment industry. Instead of handing out a generic reward with no relevance or meaning, you can opt for a more personalized reward with our Crystal Microphone Podium Speaker.

Like all of the rewards and trophies offered here at, the Crystal Podium Speaker Award comes with free art work setup. This allows companies and organizations to upload their own logo or designs to the award, creating just one more element of detail. Alternatively, companies can choose to imprint their microphone award with text instead of a logo. If you intend on ordering one or more of the Crystal Podium Speaker Awards, be sure to take advantage of this personalization feature offered here at