Boost Sales With an In-Store Event

Boost Sales With an In-Store Event

Posted by AA on 9th Oct 2019

If you aren’t throwing in-store events on a regular basis, you are missing out on one of the easiest and most effective ways to attract more customers. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to convince a person to visit your store, which is why events are such as great idea. By throwing an event, you’ll give people another reason to visit your store. But just what types of events should you throw?

Back To School

Throwing a back-to-school event is one idea that’s sure to boost your store’s sales. Even if your store isn’t centered around office supplies, you can still create a back-to-school theme to attract this key demographic. If your store sells apparel, for instance, then perhaps you could offer more school-related clothing and accessories. Call around to the various schools in your area to see if they have a specific dress code. Using this information, you can then set up your store with more ‘school-friendly- apparel items.

Most children in the U.S. go back to school sometime between August and September, so this is when you should throw the event. In addition to offering school-related products for sale, you should also decorate your store around a school theme. You can achieve this by setting up small desks, chalkboards, fake apples, and styling your mannequins with backpacks.

Holiday-Themed Events

Of course, you can also throw holiday-themed events in your store to attract more customers and boost sales. I recommend placing a calender up on your office wall so you can easily view all of the upcoming holidays. You don’t have to throw an event for every single holiday, but it’s a good idea to throw them on ‘most’ holidays. Whether it’s Halloween, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, New Years, etc., throwing a holiday-themed event in your store is guaranteed to attract more customers.

Fundraiser Event

Throwing a fundraiser event is an excellent way to gain more customers while helping out the community. It’s essentially a win-win situation for both your store and the community. To throw one, contact some of the charity organizations in your community to let them know about that you plan to throw a fundraising event. When the event takes place, you can take a percentage of your sales and donate it to back to the community.