Common Causes of Employee Dissatisfaction And How To Prevent It

Common Causes of Employee Dissatisfaction And How To Prevent It

Posted by AA on 15th Feb 2015

In a recent study published by Kelly Services, the staffing agency found that nearly half of employees polled (48%) were unhappy at their current job. Kelly Services performs this same poll on roughly 120,000 workers each year to gauge overall sanctification levels. In 2012, the number of dissatisfied workers was slightly less at just 37%, but it’s since grown to a staggering 48%.

Companies shouldn’t overlook the message sent by this recent study. Today’s workforce is becoming more and more dissatisfied with each passing year. If this trend continues, we could see the majority of workers dissatisfied at their current job. Turning a blind eye to this growing trend leaves companies vulnerable to high turnover rates, which results in both direct and indirect costs for company owners.

What Causes Employee Dissatisfaction?

The macroeconomic environment has manifested in the policies of companies. The decrease in headcount means, in some cases, one person has to do the work of two. That’s caused some dissatisfaction,” said Mark Hall, Vice President of Kelly Services Singapore.

According to the statement made by Hall, a large number of employees are dissatisfied simply because they are being overworked. As companies try to cut costs and reduce overhead, they may lower their workforce, forcing the remaining employees to pick up the extra work. Nine out ten times, the remaining employees who are doing the work of two or more people are getting paid the same amount, so there’s really no benefit in it for them.

Stress is another major factor of employee dissatisfaction. Employees want a relaxing, easy-going environment to perform their professional responsibilities. If this environment is filled with negativity and stress, they’ll likely feel a general sense of dissatisfaction on the job. It’s nearly impossible to create a conflict-free workplace, but companies can eliminate unnecessary causes of stress to improve workers’ disposition and attitude.

How To Keep Employees Satisfied

Now let’s talk about some steps companies can take to keep their employees satisfied. Arguably, one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep employees satisfied at their current job is to recognize them for everything they’ve brought to the company. Employee recognition and appreciation is something that’s undervalued in the workplace. Some companies view it as more of a “luxury” and less of a “necessity.”

By incorporating an employee recognition program into your company, employees will feel noticed and appreciated for their hard work. Something as simple as a personalized plaque or trophy is all it takes to convey your appreciation to employees. You can read through some of our previous blog posts here at for more recognition tips.