Create Stronger Client Relationship With Engraved Crystal Gifts

Create Stronger Client Relationship With Engraved Crystal Gifts

Posted by AA on 13th Jul 2017

Regardless of the company’s industry/niche, all clients love to receive gifts. There’s just something exciting and fun associated with free gifts, as it creates a sense of nostalgia that takes you back to your childhood days. But the type of the gift you decide to give will impact the client’s disposition towards you and your business.

Client gifts are intended to create stronger professional relationships between the company and the client. Certain businesses rely on these relationships to perform their normal operations, which is why it’s important to keep clients happy. While nothing compares to a superior product and/or service, companies can improve their client retention rates by offering them gifts.

Gifts To Avoid Giving Clients

The wrong gifts can have a negative impact on clients, raising red flags while making them feel less comfortable doing business with your company. The entire purpose of client gifts is to create stronger professional relationships, so you want to avoid making this mistake. See below for a list of some of the worst types of client gifts:

  • Memberships to clubs and/or services that the client probably won’t use (e.g. gym, magazine subscription, ‘cheese of the month club’, etc.)
  • Products manufactured by the company.
  • Pens, pencils and stationary.
  • Any product that’s mass-manufactured with cheap, low-quality materials.

Why Engraved Crystal Gifts Are Perfect For Clients

Engraved crystal gifts are the perfect choice for any client. The brilliant appearance of crystal signifies style and opulence, making the client feel appreciated by the company for his or her business. Rather than taking the easy route by offering your clients a company-branded pen or coffee mug, you can go above and beyond the call of duty with engrave crystal.

A crystal paperweight is one such gift that’s sure to leave a lasting, positive impression on clients. It features a round, ridged top with a flat bottom, allowing it to be used on any flat surface. And since it’s constructed with 100% authentic crystal, it naturally refracts light in all directions, creating a brilliant appearance that’s guaranteed to liven up any home or office.

Another idea is to choose from one of the many engraved crystal awards offered here at These awards are produced with high-quality authentic crystal and can custom engraved using a deep sand-etching technique to include the client’s name. There’s no better way to keep clients happy than by offering them a custom engraved crystal award. Just browse through the available awards and choose the one that best reflects your business endeavors.