Creative Ways To Inspire and Motivate Employees

Creative Ways To Inspire and Motivate Employees

Posted by AA on 24th Nov 2018

Motivation plays a direct role in the success of a company or business. When employees are inspired and motivated to excel in their current position, the entire company benefits as a whole; productivity goes up, there’s less chance of a work-related accidents, sales improve, and turnover rates decline. All of these elements work together to create a more efficient and successful company. But how exactly do you inspire employees to push themselves without resorting to the same generic tactics used by thousands of other companies?

Speak Out

One of the easiest and arguably most effective ways to inspire and motivate employees is to perform a speech reinforcing the company’s goals and objectives. Sometimes all it takes is a short 15-minute motivational speech to spark a new drive in your employees. Employees will experience a newfound drive and determination to excel at work after listening to your speech.

Of course, you don’t have to personally give the speech; an alternative is to hire a professional motivational speaker. They’re fully trained in delivering positive messages to employees with the sole purpose of generating an energetic response. Besides, most employees will enjoy the ‘free’ time spent listening to a motivational speaker.

Share Success Stories

You can also share some success stories of previous employees with your company’s current workers. Perhaps you started out working at the company 10 or 20 years ago, gradually working your way up into a manager position. These stories oftentimes go untold, but voicing them to your employees will give them something to strive for. People love hearing success stories, especially when it directly relates to their professional life.

Stay Positive

Unfortunately, far too often companies operate with a focus on negativity in the workplace. When an employee makes a mistake, the hammer falls down and they are reprimanded for their actions. Studies have shown, however, that disciplining employees for the mistakes only hurts companies in the long run. A better approach is to drop the negativity and remain positive. Giving employees positive reinforcement and help when they need it will up their productivity.

Social Media

One of the lesser-known techniques for inspiring employees is to use social media. Making a quick update or post recognizing an employee for his or her professional behavior is an excellent way to encourage others to push themselves. Most companies overlook the importance of social media, relying strictly on face-to-face recognition.