Crystal Clocks Add Feng Shui to Your Office Space

Crystal Clocks Add Feng Shui to Your Office Space

Posted by AA on 17th Jan 2019

Whether you work from home or in an office building, improving Feng Shui energy in your office space is an important part of improving productivity and allowing flexibility in your life and work. The challenge lies in bringing career and money energy into your Feng Shui office area in order to energetically separate work from down time. Here are some tips for adding Feng Shui to your office space.

Part of improving the Feng Shui energy in your office space involves eliminating what causes negative energy. Distractions should be avoided. Be sure to keep your office door closed when you are working. This is especially important if you work from home. Closing your office door and making sure everyone in your home knows you are “at work” is essential. Another distraction that’s often overlooked by people who work from home is their home phone. Be sure to turn it off while you work if you don’t typically receive business calls at that number.

Another cause of negative energy is clutter. You’ll stay better focused while you are working if you keep your office neat and organized. Use file cabinets to keep things organized. Be sure to keep family paperwork separate from business paperwork.
Sitting at your desk with your back to the door is a Feng Shui Don’t. If you can’t see the door or know who is coming and going while at your desk, you’ll experience negative energy at work, making you less productive.

A great way to increase positive Feng Shui energy in your office is with a crystal clock. A crystal clock from will help you or your employees keep track of time while keeping you focused on a schedule. You’ll want to make sure your crystal clock is visible and works. A clock that doesn’t work due to dead batteries brings negative energy into your office. A crystal clock from has a thick solid panel with deep bevels cut into the sides. A silver metal trimmed time piece clock adds function and style to any office.

Another way to increase positive Feng Shui energy in your office is with your business logo. Your business logo should be in a prominent place for the positive career and money energy to flow in your work space. A business logo in your office serves as a good reminder to you and everyone else that your office is where your business is and when you are there it is time to work. Add your business logo and text of your choice to a crystal clock from with our expert engraving.

Finally, crystals absorb the negative energy that can build up in a work environment. A crystal clock from will aid in your mental clarity and increase your concentration, making it the perfect gift or recognition award for your employees. Keeping your crystal clock clean and in a safe place will keep it working at its best. Use a damp clean cloth to clean your crystal clock’s energy. A crystal clock from is an attractive and powerful energy tool for any office.