Crystal Diamond Cube : Perfect Marketing Promo

Crystal Diamond Cube : Perfect Marketing Promo

Posted by AA on 1st Aug 2019

Offered exclusively here at, the Crystal Diamond Cube is a strikingly beautiful item that makes the perfect gift for a client, employee, or company marketing event expanding exposure for you business.

The Crystal Diamond Cube is made of 100% authentic optical crystal. This creates a superior level of visual appeal, as it naturally refracts any light that hits the surface. Whether it’s displayed in the home, office or anywhere else, this bold item will bring a new sense of style and sophistication to the atmosphere with its all-crystal design.

You can use the Cub’s light refracting qualities to your advantage by displaying it directly underneath a source of light. For instance, try placing a desk or floor lamp around the Crystal Diamond Cube to liven it up with a greater level of visibility. Or if you have multiple awards and crystal products you wish to display, perhaps you could install track lighting above them. These are just a couple ways you can draw more attention to your crystal products with lighting.

The Crystal Diamond Cube may look like a standard cube from afar, but it possesses the unique ability to stand up on one of its corners. Rather than laying it down on your desk or shelf flat, you can stand it up on the corner to draw even more attention to this brilliant piece. It’s able to stand upright thanks to the flattened corner and balanced weight.

Of course, the Crystal Diamond Cube is fully customizable, so be sure to include your company’s logo or design when ordering. The team will etch your logo or design directly onto the front of the cube for a more personal touch. This is particularly beneficial is you plan on giving the Crystal Diamond Cube as a gift to an employee or client.

While some people purchase the Crystal Diamond Cube to use strictly for decorative purposes in the workplace, it can also double as a paperweight. It’s small and compact but weighs enough to hold down any documents or papers you have lying on your desk.

Go ahead and see for yourself why the Crystal Diamond Cube is the perfect gift. There are dozens other crystal paperweights out there, but very few – if any – have the same level of brilliance and visual appeal as the Crystal Diamond Cube.