Cyrstal Paperweights: A Recognition Award Everyone Can Use

Cyrstal Paperweights: A Recognition Award Everyone Can Use

Posted by AA on 25th Oct 2017

Are you thinking about purchasing recognition awards for your employees in the near future? Doing so is a simple and effective way to keep them motivated, which in turn will result in a more efficiently-run company. While you can always take the route of traditional plaques and standing awards, you shouldn’t rule out the use of paperweights. Here we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why crystal paperweights are becoming a hot new type of recognition award in the workplace.

What are Crystal Paperweights?

As the name suggests, they are heavy objects made from authentic crystal that are designed to weigh down papers. Paperweights have been used for well over a hundred years as a means to secure documents and prevent them from blowing away. Back in the early colonial days of America, people wrote and signed a lot of documents while they were outdoors. If a strong gust of wind were to suddenly come through, these documents could become lost or even destroyed. Thankfully, though, basic paperweights were used to secure documents to the table so this wouldn’t happen.

Of course, it wasn’t until recent years when companies began to produce paperweights out of authentic crystal. This allowed for a more stylish yet equally functional form of paperweight. The transparency of a glass paperweight is something that’s naturally pleasing to the eye. In addition, glass is also easy to engrave, which is just another benefit associated with their use.

Tips For Ordering Crystal Paperweights

If you are planning on hanging out crystal paperweights to your employees as recognition awards, there are a few things you should know. For starters, always take the time to get the paperweights engraved with the respective employee’s name; otherwise, it will hold little to no meaning. A basic laser engraving of the recipient’s name will transform a simple paperweight into a meaningful recognition award, which is exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

Another added touch you can place on crystal paperweights is the engraving of your company’s logo. Although it may seem simple, engraving your company’s logo on a crystal paperweight helps to serve as a reminder for everything the employee has accomplished. Whether it’s sales, customer service, leads or teamwork, you want to reinforce the fact that the recipient has gone out of their way to achieve excellence working for your company. For this reason, it’s recommended that you always engrave your company’s logo and the recipient’s name into the crystal paperweight.