Dove Awards: An Elegant and Versatile Recognition Award

Dove Awards: An Elegant and Versatile Recognition Award

Posted by AA on 4th May 2017

Offered exclusively at, the dove award is a strikingly beautiful yet equally versatile award that’s perfect for a wide variety of occasions. One of the features that makes this award stand out is its authentic finished mahogany base, which is a classic reddish-brown color with straight grain. But the real beauty of this award comes from its silver dove sculpture that is shown flying high in the sky over a wave following close behind.

Corporate Awards

The dove award is an excellent recognition award for corporate workers and employees. If you own or manage a company, you should consider using this brilliant award to recognize employees who go the extra mile. According to a study published at, companies in the top 20% for employee recognition benefited from a whopping 31% lower employees turnover rate! Some owners may turn their heads at the thought of spending money on recognition awards, but studies such as this prove they are worth the cost.

Handing out a personalized dove award to employees who meet a certain criteria is an excellent way to improve workplace efficiency, reduce turnover rates, and boost employees’ overall morale. You could even set sales goals to give your employees something to strive for. If an employee reaches X amount of sales within a fiscal quarter or specified time frame, perhaps you could reward them with a beautiful contemporary dove award.

Music Industry Awards

The dove award can also be used in the music industry. In fact, ever since 1969, the Gospel Music Association (GMA) hands out a similar award featuring a dove sculpture to recognize Christian musicians. Some of the many categories of the GMA awards include rock, pop, hip hop, country, and urban. The GMA award ceremony is held annually in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you are a music producer or someone close to the industry, you should take advantage of the classically beautiful design of the dove award. The dove is symbol of peace and love, so it only makes sense to use as a recognition award for this industry.

These are just a few of the many instances where the dove award can be used. It’s a breathtaking award that pops with style and opulence. You can find three different dove awards offered here at Just remember to take your time when ordering to ensure the engraving contains the recipient’s name, and that it’s spelled correctly.