Employee Appreciation Activities and Events

Employee Appreciation Activities and Events

Posted by AA on 20th May 2019

With Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner (March 6, FYI), there’s no better time than now to plan some fun-filled activities and events for your employees. Employee Appreciation Day lives up to its namesake by focusing on the efforts on our country’s hard-working men and women. Business owners should use this time to show gratitude to their workforce. If you’re struggling to come up with employee appreciation activities and events, keep reading for some helpful ideas.


Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly yet competitive game of kickball? With Employee Appreciation Day rolls around, the seasonal spring weather will offer the perfect climate for outdoor activities such as this. Perhaps you can orchestrate a kickball tournament between your company’s different branches, rewarding the winning team with a personalized trophy or plaque award.


If kickball isn’t your thing, you can always opt for a softball tournament instead. It’s a fun way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day while giving workers the opportunity to step outside of the traditional office setting and enjoy the outdoors. Just remember to purchase a plaque or trophy ahead of time to reward the winning team


Another idea is to host a ceremony on Employee Appreciation Day, calling out and recognizing individual employees for their hard work. This can be done either in the office, or in a venue outside of the traditional workplace setting. The key to a successful and meaningful ceremony is to plan ahead. Ideally, you should host it in a theatre-style room with a podium and speakers. During the event, you can call employees down to the podium to reward them for their efforts.


Sometimes all it takes for a successful event is to take your workers on a picnic. Most employees will jump at the opportunity to spend just a short period of time outside of the office, making picnics a wonderful idea for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day. You can even use this time to hand out appreciation rewards, such as trophies or plaques with the recipient’s name engraved on it.

What type of activities do you plan on orchestrating for Employee Appreciation Day?