Employee Appreciation Done Right

Employee Appreciation Done Right

Posted by AA on 26th May 2017

There’s no rule stating that you must throw some lavish formal event to show employees appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication. Sure, business owners can set up an awards ceremony during off-work hours to thank each individual employee, but this is oftentimes long and tedious. On-the-spot employee appreciation offers a simple alternative to business owners who wish to recognize and appreciate their employees.

What Is Employee Appreciation Done Right?

The term ‘on-the-spot employee appreciation‘ refers to the practice of showing thanks – whether it’s verbally or otherwise – to employees with little-to-no prior planning. It obviously takes a great deal of time and resources to plan a full-blown ceremony where you formally recognize workers for everything they’ve done. This is a great way to show your appreciation, but it’s not always conventional in today’s fast-paced world.

On-the-spot employee appreciation offers a quick and easy way for business owners to show their employees appreciation. We talk about the link between employee appreciation and workplace productivity in a previous blog post, but the fact is that appreciation is something most business owners cannot afford to overlook. When employees aren’t recognized by their bosses, productivity drops, morale decreases, and turnover rates rise, all of which can be detrimental to a business.

Ideas For Employee Appreciation Done Right:

  • Send “thank you” emails out to your employees (note: you should personalize each email according so they aren’t generic).
  • Verbally thank your employees when you see them in the hallway or office.
  • Create a bulletin board and use it to showcase top-performing employees.
  • Hand out small gifts such as personalized plaques and awards.

Pros and Cons of On-The-Spot Employee Appreciation

The main benefit of on-the-spot employee appreciation is the simple fact that it doesn’t require a lot of time or resources. You can stop an employee in the hall to let them know they’re doing a good job, and this will likely pay off in the long run in the form of higher productivity. The minimal time and resources it requires is something that draws many businesses to using on-the-spot employee appreciation.

But there are some potential disadvantages to on-the-spot employee appreciation, such as the inability to create a fully personalized, tailored experience for the employee. If you really want to go the extra mile with your company’s employee appreciation program, you’ll probably want to throw a special event every once in a while where you can place employees in the spotlight.

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