Employee Appreciation Games and Activities

Employee Appreciation Games and Activities

Posted by AA on 16th Oct 2017

Still scratching your head trying to plan some fun and engaging activities for your company’s employee appreciation event? If you want employees to actually enjoy themselves, you need to plan appropriately. Simply laying out a table with a couple of 2-liter bottles of sodas and a vegetable tray isn’t going to offer a memorable experience. The bottom line is that employee appreciation events should feature fun games and activities to occupy workers’ time. In this post, we’re going to reveal some simple games that are sure to make your next appreciation event a blast.

Dunk Tank

Who wouldn’t enjoy sending their boss tumbling into a pool of water? Renting a dunk tank is an excellent idea for outdoor employee appreciation events. Just as the name suggests, these are tanks of water with a seat in the middle; when someone on the outside strikes the target (usually with a baseball or softball), the seat inside the tank falls down, essentially “dunking” the chosen one. Of course, the best choice for the “dunk seat” is a boss or company executive, as employees will have a blast dunking them.

Raffle Tickets

Another simple activity for employee appreciation events are raffle ticket giveaways. You could give each employee who attends the event a raffle ticket, and at the end of the event, draw numbers to see who wins the prize(s). The prizes can be something as small as a t-shirt, or they can be as large as big-screen TV.

As an added bonus, using raffle ticket giveaways will reduce the number of employees who leave early. After all, leaving the event means they could be out of a prize.


Yep, karaoke is a fun activity for appreciation events, as well. Allowing your employees to stand in front of a microphone and take a shot at some classic songs is a blast for everyone. The cost of renting a decent karaoke machine and equipment should only run you a couple hundred dollars, making this an inexpensive activity.


This is probably a no-brainer to most business owners, but playing sports is another way to keep your employees engaged during an appreciation event. Assuming you are throwing the event outdoors, and the weather is nice, you can separate employees into two teams for a heads-up match of kickball or softball. You can even go one step further by rewarding the winning team with a personalized trophy.