Employee Appreciation Ideas – Last Minute

Employee Appreciation Ideas – Last Minute

Posted by AA on 16th Feb 2017

In case you didn’t get the memo, Employee Appreciation Day is right around the corner (May 7th). The good news is that it’s not too late to plan a fun-filled day for your employees. With a little bit of work, you can create a memorable and rewarding Employee Appreciation Day for everyone in the office. Don’t assume that it’s too late to throw an event for your team members. For some last minute Employee Appreciation ideas, keep reading.

What Employee Appreciation Day Is All About

Employee Appreciation Day is just what it sounds like: a day designated specifically for showing appreciation to employees. Whether it’s handing rewards to your top-performing employees or providing them with free food and beverages, this day is all about showing your gratitude with employee appreciation ideas for everything they’ve done. It’s just a single day out of the year, so make sure you observe Employee Appreciation Day this year, and then you can go back to normal business on the following day.

Do I Really Need To Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day?

According to a recent survey, only 9% of workers feel like they are being recognized at work. Lack of appreciation translates into higher turnover rates, lower performance, lower morale, and a general discontent among employees. Rather than asking yourself if you should celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, you should be asking yourself if you can afford not to.

Employee Appreciation Day is just a single day out of the 365-day calendar year, so it’s not going to place a serious burden on any companies or businesses. You can still perform your normal business on May 7th; just make it a point to show appreciation to your employees. The subtle edge towards being more appreciative will benefit your business in a number of ways.

Last Minute Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

  • Purchase some food and beverages for your employees.
  • Hold a reward ceremony where you hand out personalized plaques and/or trophies.
  • Announce promotions.
  • Hold a meeting that focuses on the positive accomplishments of team members.
  • Get outside to play a game of softball or kickball (assuming weather permits).
  • Create personal notes for each and every employee.
  • Decorate the office with streamers, confetti and other fun party stuff.