Employee Recognition links directly to Performance

Employee Recognition links directly to Performance

Posted by AA on 23rd Jun 2018

Recognition is arguably one of the most powerful motivators in the workplace. When employees are recognized by their boss, they’ll have more drive and determination to push themselves at work. This leads to higher performance, lower turnover rates, and a general positive attitude that others pick up on. While most business owners are fully aware of the importance of employee recognition, few people know how Employee Recognition links to their business.

Last year, Glassdoor performed a study to shed some light on employee recognition links and its impact on workplace performance. According to the study, 80% of employees surveyed said they would work harder when their bows shows them appreciation, whereas only 40% of employees surveyed said they would work harder when their boss is pushing them in a negative manner.

The key point to take away from this study is that positive reinforcement translates into productivity. Far too many bosses and employers use fear techniques in an attempt to run their workplace. You might assume that employees work harder when there’s a threat of losing their job, but this isn’t the case. The recent Glassdoor study suggests the opposite is true; employees respond better to positive reinforcement, such as recognition, rather than negatively and fear.

Allyson Willoughby, Glassdoor’s senior vice president, said the following:

There is a wide variety of ways to show employee appreciation that can go far towards keeping employees satisfied, engaged and retained. Even inexpensive forms of appreciation, like thank you cards and treats, or offering flexibility like telecommuting, show employees you value them.”

So, how does employee recognition links into your business strategy? The first step in leveraging the power of recognition is to implement a program, such as an employee-of-the-month program. This will allow you to select some of the top performing employees and recognize them with a special trophy, plaque, etc. You can click on the link previously mentioned for more tips on launching an employee-of-the-month program.

But recognition isn’t something that should only be done on a monthly basis. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with employee-of-the-month programs, bosses and employers should get into the habit of recognizing their employees frequently throughout the week. It only takes a minute to verbally thank an employee for all of their hard.