Employee Recognition Mistakes To Avoid

Employee Recognition Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by AA on 13th Sep 2018

If you keep with the Blog, you’re probably well aware of the importance of employee recognition. It boosts workplace performance, creates a positive attitude among employees, reduces turnover rates, improves overall safety and more. A 2012 Mertiz poll found 42% of job seekers consider a company’s recognition/reward program when seeking employment. However, to gain all of these benefits with your company’s employee recognition program, you should avoid making the following mistakes.

Employee Recognition Mistakes #1: Inconsistent

An employee recognition program will only be effective if you follow through with it. Don’t reward employees for the first six months of the program and then begin to slack off. Fully commit yourself to the program so workers are properly rewarded for everything they bring to the company. Employees need to see a pattern of awards and gifts given to help push them to shine for that next recognition event.

Running a business in today’s highly competitive world is no easy task, and it’s often difficult for employers to find time to invest in recognition programs. But setting aside just a couple minutes out of your day to acknowledge employees and tell them thanks will have a positive impact that spreads throughout the workplace.

Employee Recognition Mistakes #2: No Clear Goals or Objectives

Define your goals and objectives before launching an employee recognition program. Ask yourself: what do I hope to accomplish by launching this program? Perhaps you want to encourage workers to make more sales by using a performance-based incentive model, or maybe you simply want to create a better morale/attitude in the workplace by showing employees that all of their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Recognizing The Same Employees

Another common mistake that you’ll want to avoid is recognizing the same employees. There’s nothing wrong with naming the same worker employee of the month multiple times; however, you should spread the love so other workers have the opportunity as well. Continuously recognizing the same employee time and time again will only create a sense of discontent among others in the workplace.

Generic Recognition

What exactly is generic recognition? This is when a company sends out bulk gifts, messages or announcements to recognize all of their employees without taking the time to personalize them. Generic “thanks for your work” cards won’t have much of an effect on employees. They’ll likely toss it in the trash where it’s never seen or heard of again.

A better approach is to custom tailor your company’s recognition program so workers are individually recognized. Writing out thank you letters or cards that contain unique information about the worker is an excellent idea, or you could reward them with a personalized trophy or plaque with their name engraved on it.