Employee Service Award Ideas

Employee Service Award Ideas

Posted by AA on 8th Jul 2017

Implementing a employee service award program is a great way to tell your workers “thanks” for everything they’ve done for the company. In today’s professional world, far too many employees perform their duties while receiving little-to-no appreciation from their employers. This translates into reduced morale, lower productivity, and a general dissatisfaction.

Years of service programs also encourage employees to stick with their job rather than look for work elsewhere. Giving your employees a reward or some form of recognition – whether it’s free or paid – for “X” years of service shows them that all of their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. If you’re looking to reduce employee turnover rates in your workplace, start with a years of service program.

Personalized Plaque

Arguably, one of the simplest all-around employee service award ideas for years of loyalty is a personalized plaque. It’s a beautiful, simple yet meaningful reward that allows companies to express their gratitude in a unique way. Employees can hang the plaque on their wall as a source of inspiration in the future.

You can browse through all of the plaque award selections at by clicking here. The key thing to remember is that you want to include the recipient’s name along with the number of years they’ve been with the company. Some optional information that you may also want to include in a years of service plaque is the company’s logo, the recipient’s title, and a short thank you message.

3D Sculpture

Of course, another years of service reward idea is a 3D sculpture, such as the bronze bull award. These awards offer the perfect combination of style, beauty and uniqueness to achieve a truly remarkable reward. And just like the plaques previously mentioned, companies can personalize them to fit their needs.

The handcrafted silver eagle award is a brilliant 3D sculpture that’s great for years of service recognition programs. It features a stunning eagle soaring over a globe, symbolizing leadership and excellence.