Gain Better Brand Recognition With Marketing Gifts

Gain Better Brand Recognition With Marketing Gifts

Posted by AA on 12th Jul 2018

At its core, brand recognition is the connection a customer or potential customer makes upon seeing a company’s “brand” material. Examples of brand material may include the company’s name, logo, header, or mascot. When a person sees your brand stamped on something – whether it’s a banner, sign, website, or tangible product – you want them to think of your company.

Marketing Gifts and Business Branding

While there are dozens of different ways to improve brand recognition, one of the easiest and most effective ways involves the use of marketing gifts. Also referred to as promotional gifts, these are products and/or gifts stamped with the respective company’s brand. A company may order a bulk supply of t-shirts, coffee mugs, and office supplies, all of which are personalized with their name and logo. By handing these marketing gits out to customers and clients, the company will naturally improve its brand recognition.

If you’re going to invest in marketing gifts, make sure it includes your company’s brand; otherwise, it will serve little-to-no benefit in terms of attracting customers.

How Marketing Gifts Translate Into Stronger Brand Recognition

How do marketing gifts create stronger brand recognition? Whomever receives the gift will notice the company’s name and logo stamped on it, which in turn promotes greater brand recognition. If a company gives a client a branded coffee mug, for instance, that client use that mug on a daily basis – advertising the company’s brand each time he or she uses it.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional marketing gifts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, backpacks, stationary supplies, etc. While these are all excellent ideas, they fail in comparison to the brilliance and beauty of an engraved crystal trophy or plaque personalized with your company’s brand. offers dozens of trophies and plaques, which can be custom engraved with your company’s name and/or logo at no additional charge.

Other Business Branding Tips:

  • Use the same graphics in all of your promotional media.
  • Don’t overthink your band. Nine out of ten times, it’s the simple business brands that outperform their counterparts.
  • Focus on providing an exceptional level of customer service, as this plays an importance role in how customers and potential customers perceive your brand.
  • Once you’ve chosen a brand for your company, stick with it.
  • Gain feedback from you customers through comment cards and email regarding your brand.
  • Make sure your brand design is unique, clear and distinguishable from other brands.