Going The Extra Mile With Your Employee Appreciation Program

Going The Extra Mile With Your Employee Appreciation Program

Posted by AA on 16th Jan 2020

Looking for ways bump your company’s employee appreciation program to the next level? While verbally telling employees “thanks” for everything they’ve done is a step in the right direction, it’s not the a long-term solution. Hearing a “thank you” might offer just enough encouragement for workers to continue, but it’s not going to motivate them to truly push themselves on the job. This week, we’re going to reveal how companies can go the extra mile with their employee appreciation program.

Spread The Appreciation

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with their employee appreciation programs is focusing on just a small, select group of workers. Only showing appreciation to certain workers will limit the effectiveness of your program. And in some cases, it could have a negative effect by lowering workplace morale.

If you have a typical employee-of-the-month program, for instance, you should offer the award to a new employee each month. I understand it’s difficult to get tabs on who’s received the award and who hasn’t, so you may want to write it down somewhere. Does this mean the same employee can’t receive the award twice? Absolutely not, but you should space them out at least a year so other employees have a shot at winning it as well.

Use Different Verticals

There’s no reason why you should limit your employee appreciation program to a single vertical. Employees are bound to appreciate a trophy, plaque or any other type of award, but you can “go the extra mile” by incorporating other verticals into the mix. Perhaps you could send out a personalized email thanking your employees for everything they’ve done. This email, along with the actual award, will leave a lasting, positive impression on employees.

Other verticals include bulletin board memos, in-person compliments, or physical snail-mail letters.

Personalize It!

If you’re going to reward employees with a gift, spend the extra time and energy having it personalized. Giving all of your employees the same generic gift isn’t the best approach for an employee appreciation program. While a generic gift is better than nothing, it doesn’t convey a high sense of appreciation to the individual.

Trophies, plaques and 3D award statues here at come with free sand etching for a superior level of personalization. When ordering, make sure you add the recipient’s name. This same principle holds true when sending out recognition emails or posting recognition memos on the bulletin board – make sure they are personalized and tailored to the employee being appreciated.