How Personalized Wall Plaques Can Boost Employee Performance

How Personalized Wall Plaques Can Boost Employee Performance

Posted by AA on 13th Feb 2020

A personalized wall plaque is the perfect way to show an employee thanks for everything they’ve contributed to the company over the years. While some companies focus strictly on financial incentives as a means to boost employee performance, the truth is that wall plaques are equally as effective, if not more effective, than cash bonuses. Regardless of the niche/industry, employees are sure to appreciate the meaning and beauty of a personalized wall plaque.

Employee Recognition Program Wall Plaques

According to a recent study performed by the Deloitte, 3 out of 4 companies have some type of recognition program in place, but here’s the kicker: only 58% of employees are aware of their company’s recognition program. This statistic reveals the lack of attention places on such programs; thus, hindering their long-term effectiveness. An employee recognition program is only going to work if workers actually know about it, so make sure it’s common knowledge around the workplace.

From cash bonus and extra time off work to company-branded t-shirts and wall plaques, there are dozens of different incentives companies use to encourage greater productivity and performance among workers. However, few incentives hold the same meaning and importance as a personalized wall plaque. These memorable accessories can be fully customized with the company’s name and logo, as well as the recipient’s name and any other information you wish to include. Take a minute or two when ordering a wall plaque to customize it with all of the respective information about the recipient and your company.

Rather than handing out the same generic coffee mug with your company’s logo on it, perhaps you can give employee a more meaningful incentive with a personalized wall plaque. Being that each and every plaque is fully customized, workers will feel a deeper connection with this type of incentive.

Benefits of Using Personalized Wall Plaques:

  • Allow for a deeper level of customization thanks to the free etching included in all orders at
  • Can be displayed on any wall or flat surface.
  • Wall plaques are small, compact and easy to carry.
  • A wall plaque conveys a sense of accomplishment, boosting the confidence of employees.
  • Studies have shown that workers who feel appreciated on the job push themselves harder.
  • Cost-effective incentive that won’t break your company’s bank account.
  • Brilliant decorative accessory workers can display in their home or office.