How Positive Psychology Can Improve Your Business

How Positive Psychology Can Improve Your Business

Posted by AA on 6th Jun 2018

It’s no secret that emotions play a critical role in the overall efficiency of a business or company. Employees who constantly show with a lack of enthusiasm and disengagement from their job will negatively affect other workers. On that same principle, however, employees with a positive attitude will create a more welcoming work environment that naturally encourages better productivity and efficiency. And one of the most effective techniques for achieving this type of environment is through positive psychology.

What Is Positive Psychology?

Positive psychology is the process of creating a happier, more employee-friendly workplace. By investing some of your time and energy into this key technique, your employees will have a better outlook on their job. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to the U.S. Air Force have used positive psychology to improve their workplace. Of course, small businesses can benefit from this important technique as well.

Avoid Scare Tactics

The first step in creating a positive attitude among employees is to avoid the use of scare tactics. It’s not uncommon for owners and managers to threaten employees with demotions or other disciplinary actions. Nine out of ten times, however, scare tactics such as this have a negative effect on employees rather than a positive effect. When a worker is threatened with a disciplinary action, they’re more likely to hold a grudge against the company.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Rather than relying on scare tactics to encourage better performance among employees, you should focus on positive reinforcement. Running an employee-of-the-month program, for instance, in a simple yet highly effective form of positive reinforcement that will give your workers something to strive for.

Whether they’re big or small, companies of all sizes can benefit from an employee recognition program. This is arguably one of the best tools for positive psychology in the workplace. According to a study published at, tenure (AKA the length of time an employee has been with the company) is the most common type of recognition program; however, companies can also award employees with gifts, trophies, plaques and certificates for reaching sales goals, helping others, or simply maintaining a positive attitude.

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