How To Choose: An Employee Of The Month

How To Choose: An Employee Of The Month

Posted by AA on 23rd Aug 2018

An employee of the month program is something that every company can benefit from. Whether your business revolves around sales, leads or customer service, chances are you can benefit from this program. The fact is that offering an employee of the month program gives your employees an incentive to work harder and strive for excellence. But just how are you supposed to choose a single employee for this program? Keep reading and we’ll reveal some helpful tips on how to select an employee of the month for your company.


Arguably, one of the most influential factors in choosing an employee of the month is their sales and performance. Since more sales translates into higher company profits, it’s a good idea to encourage this behavior in your employees. By handing out employee of the month awards to workers with high sales, you are expressing gratitude and recognition for all of their hard work. With that said, you shouldn’t choose an employee of the month based solely on their sales and performance numbers.

The bottom line is that you should always consider an employee’s sales and performance numbers. If you haven’t done so already, go back over your employees’ sales to see who came out on top. Use this criteria along with the elements listed below to select the appropriate employee of the month.


You should also consider your employees’ punctuality when selecting an employee of the month. Obviously, you don’t want to choose employees who constantly show up to work 15 minutes late or call in sick once a week. Instead, choose employees who are always on time and do everything in their power to get to work. There are some instances where employees might not make it work, so you can’t expect everyone to have a 100% track record. Just take a step back to consider the broad picture of their punctuality and overall work ethics.

Job Attitude

The employee of the month should maintain a positive attitude towards their work and the company as a whole. Workers with positive attitudes will encourage others to remain happy and positive at work. On the other hand, workers who constantly complain about their job will spread this same negativity to other employees around them. This is why it’s important for workers to maintain a positive attitude on the job; otherwise, you run the risk of spreading negativity to employees throughout the office.