How To Clean a Crystal Award

How To Clean a Crystal Award

Posted by AA on 14th Jul 2020

A crystal award is symbol of accomplishment that you can show off and be proud of. Once it’s set up on display inside your living room, office or bedroom, it will become a natural focal point that draws the attention of anyone in the area. Guests family members will likely take notice of your new crystal award and ask questions about it. Like all decorative home items, though, you’ll need to occasionally clean your crystal award to keep it free of any dust and dirt.

Basic Dusting

If you plan on keeping your crystal award out on display in your home, it will inevitably gather dust. Crystal is an elegant and highly-attractive material, but it’s also known to catch dust easily. Depending on the air quality inside your home, you may start to see buildups of dust in as little as 1-2 weeks. Thankfully, removing it is quick and easy, and it should only take you a couple minutes. I recommend using a feather duster to gently brush down the surface of the award.

Alternatively, you can also use a lint-free microfiber cloth to dust your crystal award. There’s no need to use harsh dusting polishes in conjunction with it, as just wiping it down with a cloth or feather duster is all it takes. Besides, most of the dusting polishes available contain some pretty strong chemicals that can break down the structure of a delicate crystal award. To be on the safe side, avoid such products when dusting your award.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes it will take a little bit more than just dusting to clean your crystal award. If you’ve neglected it for months or accidentally spilled a drink on it, a feather duster just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, spray a small amount of ammonia-based glass cleaner on the front and back of the award. Using a clean paper towel, gently wipe down the visible surface until the dirt and stains come off. Glass cleaner workers wonders on crystal awards, but you need to make sure you wipe it all off. Some of the products available may leave streaks behind that are unattractive to say the least.

You can also make your own cleaning solution out of diluted whine vinegar. Take a spray bottle and fill it with 1 parts white vinegar and 2 parts water. Shake to mix it thoroughly, and then spray it directly on to your crystal award like you would any other cleaning product.