How To Make Your Employees Feel More Appreciated

How To Make Your Employees Feel More Appreciated

Posted by AA on 24th Jan 2019

Far too many employees go through their daily work routine with little-to-no appreciation from their bosses. Cutting a paycheck isn’t alone enough to encourage workers to go above and beyond the call of duty. As a boss or executive, you must think outside of the box to create the feeling of appreciation in your employees.

According to a recent infographic posted on, a whopping 54% of American workers said they would leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated. In addition, 68% of employees said they would work harder if they were better recognized. It’s no secret that recognition leads to harder working employees, but this info graphic shows us exactly how much of an impact it has in the workplace.

Trophies and Plaques

There are dozens of ways to make your employees feel more appreciated, but arguably the most effective is to give them a personalized trophy or plaque. This will serve as a symbol of their accomplishment, and it’s something they can look back on for inspiration in the future. Instead of giving your employees some generic gift with no real meaning, you can show your appreciation with a personalized trophy or plaque engraved with the recipient’s name.

So, should you reward your employees with a trophy or a plaque? Both are excellent ways to show appreciation for your employees, but there’s one notable difference between the two: plaques are designed to hang on walls, while trophies sit upright on shelves, desks or tables. Some companies hand out plaques to employees of the month so they hang them on the wall, but others prefer the stylish look of a crystal trophy.

Most Popular Recognition Programs

If you look back at the infographic we talked about earlier, you’ll see a list of the most popular recognition programs. Of course, topping the list is trophies and awards, taking up 77% of the votes. Coming in at a close second with 62%, however, is cash. Thousands of successful companies reward employees in the form of a bonus check. Everyone enjoys some extra cash, so this is a highly useful source of motivation. If an employee earns a certain amount of sales within a quarter or given time period, then perhaps the boss will cut them a bonus check. Other recognition programs listed on the infographic include gift certificates, company logo merchandise and food, all of which are excellent ideas.