Innovate Ways To Motivate Employees

Innovate Ways To Motivate Employees

Posted by AA on 10th Oct 2018

Lack of motivation among employees in the workplace can have disastrous consequences for business; its lowers productivity, reduces morale, harms customer service, increases the chance of workers taking ‘sick days,’ and it increases the chance of human error. As you can see, allowing a general lack of motivation to spread in your workplace is damaging in more ways than one. But how exactly do you encourage employees to push themselves at work?

A recent survey found that 2/3 of American workers would choose a job with a better manager over a job with a higher pay. It’s usually not the pay which encourages an employee to quit, it’s the management. Companies poorly ran are more likely to experience higher employee turnover rates. The good news is that you can retain your employees by implementing some of the following motivation strategies.

Top Employee Motivation Techniques and Ideas:

  • Send out newsletters recognizing hard-working employees
  • Allow employees to submit anonymous feedback
  • Participate in team-building exercises
  • Give your employees greater freedom over the decision-making process
  • Implement a reward program for employees who excel in their current position
  • Allow for professional growth
  • Verbally thank each and every employee for their hard work and dedication
  • Throw out-of-the-office parties and dinners for employees
  • Set clear and defined goals
  • Loosen up on unnecessary workplace restrictions
  • Encourage communication

The truth is that there are many other ways to motivate employees which aren’t listed here. Don’t be afraid to think ‘outside’ the box to boost your employees’ motivation. By focusing some of your time and resources into motivation, your company will benefit from higher productivity and morale. Employee motivation isn’t a luxury in today’s highly competitive business world; it’s a necessity. Overlooking this key element will hurt your company in a number of different ways, so make sure you are practicing motivation techniques on a regular basis.

Arguably, the single easiest and most effective form of employee motivation is a recognition system. It’s estimated that over 80% of American organizations and companies have some form of employee recognition system in place. If your company falls into the 20% category, you’re missing out one of the best ways to motivate employees. Handing out a personalized plaque or crystal award to your top employees will give them the drive to continue working hard. Of course, a recognition system will also encourage other employees to strive for excellence as well.