Leveraging The Power of Corporate Sales Awards

Leveraging The Power of Corporate Sales Awards

Posted by AA on 26th Apr 2017

Do you run and/or manage a company that relies on customer sales? Every sales team Will have its “ups” and its “downs,” but it’s important for teams to continue raising the bar. If a salesperson allows himself or herself to fall into a slump, it could negatively reflect against the entire company, bringing down its performance across the board. This can be prevented, however, by leveraging the power of corporate sales awards.

What Is a Corporate Sales Award?

So, what is a corporate sales award? These are custom trophies and framed plaques given to salesmen, saleswomen and sales teams as a way to reward them for their their hard work and dedication. Most employers cut their sales team members a commission check, assuming that’s enough motivation for them to excel. While monetary compensation is essential, incentives in the form of sales awards can be used to boost sales team members’ performance and ultimately their numbers., offers dozens of beautifully crafted sales awards, ranging from the engraved crystal Rising Star Award to the Contemporary Acrylic Award. Having one of the these brilliant awards customized with the sales team member’s name on it offers the perfect incentive for any corporate sales team.

Benefits of Using Corporate Sales Awards:

  • Boosts morale among sales team members.
  • Encourages higher sales.
  • Reduces turnover rates among sales team members.
  • Cost-effective alternative to monetary bonus checks.
  • Leaves a lasting impression on sales team members.
  • Sales awards can be customized with the company’s name, logo and the recipient’s name.
  • Make wonderful decorative accessories for the home or office.

The Aberdeen Group conducted a survey in 2013 which found “best in class” companies are more likely to non-cash incentives as a means to boost sales and employee performances. According to the study, over half (55%) of the respondents said non-cash incentives are a vital component of their sales management, and 57% said recognition by their employer encourages them to work harder and push for more sales.

These are just a few of the many benefits of using corporate sales awards. The bottom line is that companies that rely on sales should integrate an award program into their operations. It improves morale, encourages higher sales, keeps sales team members happy and engaged, and much more.