Look At Lapel Pins As Employee Recognition Awards…

Posted by AA on 19th Nov 2017

Employee recognition programs can be an important part of a steady, consistent workplace. People work more efficiently and are more happy when they feel appreciated, and there’s no better way to show your employees appreciation than with a recognition award, especially if personalized with an individual’s years served, their title or another distinguishing way of letting them know that their job is truly valued by the company.

Many award and recognition programs in companies today feature different levels of recognition. Some company base awards on hours committed to a certain project, while others offer awards based on the number of years an employee has been with the company. There are also safety awards for employees that maintain outstanding safety records for a given duration of time.

Whatever the company’s reason for starting an award and recognition program, one particular type of item stands out and has become one of the most popularly used recognition awards today. Those items are lapel pins. Lapel pins have been used for decades to reward and recognize important employees in businesses and corporations all over the world.

Employers such as restaurants have even started pin collecting programs where employees are encouraged to collect the pins they receive during their tenure with the company. Many employees are given and collect hundreds of different lapel pins throughout their careers. Many are highly cherished even into retirement.

Employees who receive lapel pins often admit that at first they might seem like a small thing, but in the end they become more important to them because of their meaning and the recognition they received just by being awarded that little pin for a job well done.

If you’re an employer looking for a great and unique way to reward your employees, be sure to take a look at lapel pins. They are a cost effective and valued method of establishing a long-term recognition program within any corporation, large or small.

Employee recognition awards can play a vital role in any successful business. Rewarding employees with employee recognition pins for a job well done can lead to increased productivity and happiness in the work place.