Milestone Recognition 101: Things to Consider

Milestone Recognition 101: Things to Consider

Posted by AA on 7th Apr 2017

Milestone Recognition is a quick and easy way to show your appreciation for everything an employee or client has accomplished. Some companies completely overlook or underestimate the importance of milestone recognition, forcing employees to question their job security. But what types of milestones should employees be rewarded for reaching? And how should they go about doing so? To learn the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Length of Time With Company

One idea is to recognize employees based on their length of time with the company. This encourages workers to continue pushing themselves while letting them know that all of their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. Employees may begin to harbor resentment or even anger after dedicating years of hard work to a company without receiving any form of recognition. Thankfully, this can be avoided through milestone recognition awards.

Companies can offer employees various gifts and awards depending on how long they’ve worked at the company. For instance, employees who reach their first year anniversary with the company could be rewarded with a t-shirt, while employees who’ve been with the company for two or more years could receive a personalized plaque or trophy.


Another type of milestone marker that companies can reward their employees for reaching is safety. Perhaps you can reward employees whom promote safety in the workplace. Work-related accidents affect companies in a number of ways, but recognizing employees who step up to prevent them is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Truck Driving

Transportation companies oftentimes recognize truck drivers for reaching “X” amount of ‘safe’ driving miles. Nearly all of the country’s leading trucking company’s have a safe driving program in place to recognize truckers who reach 1 million, 2 million, 3 million or more miles without getting in an accident.

According to a recent CBS report, UPS driver Chris Martinez reached an unbelievable milestone of 7 million miles without so much as a fender bender or even a speeding ticket. This translates into roughly 29 trips to the moon and back. Martinez didn’t reach this milestone overnight, though. He’s been working with UPS for 50 years, and is still going strong today. Martinez currently holds the third longest safest driving record among UPS drivers.

Other Milestone Marker Ideas:

  • Reaching “X” amount of sales
  • Attendance
  • Health
  • Customer service
  • Productivity