Motivating Your Sales Team

Motivating Your Sales Team

Posted by AA on 20th Mar 2020

Motivating your sales team isn’t always easy. Sales managers looking to create a more motivating workplace have the power to improve the work environment and increase their employee’s sales. As long as they understand proper motivation depends on support, recognition and reward. Listening to your sales team and adjusting their goals according to what matters most to them is the best way to find out how best to motivate your sales team.

One of the best ways to understand what makes your sales staff tick is regularly scheduled meetings. Take the opportunity to meet with each employee one on one to address any work environment issues, their worries and any pain points. By fixing negative work pressures from the start, you’re more likely to catch motivation problems before they affect your sales staff’s season or quota. Determine what motivates your sales staff. While some will respond to monetary rewards, others will respond to a supportive team environment or promotions. Keep notes on what motivates each person

Training is an important way to help sales staff feel support while increasing motivation. By appointing salespeople to train their peers you not only encourage interaction, but you also recognize special skills in your salespeople. Give sales staff an hour to train others about a topic they excel in. An outside consultant who has excellent time management skills and is able to inject some humor into training is also a great way to motivate your sales staff.

Offering sales staff incentives like a trip, a day off, coffee, free lunch, gym membership or large gift card encourages staff to go the extra mile. Many sales managers help their sales staff to meet larger quotas with interim bonuses. Be sure to keep incentives at a value that increases friendly competition. The last thing you want is to encourage sabotage at the office. Salespeople often feel they are alone which can sometimes play into the sabotage that takes place in offices. This can be prevented by having sales staff work together toward a target. This encourages them to share knowledge for a common goal and help each other.

Taking time to congratulate your team for their hard work has long term benefits. When you recognize sales achievements you’ll see team members work hard to reach their next quota. Be sure to congratulate achievements publicly. This can be done at sales meetings. Communicate the specific details of their success and ask the salesperson to share what they believe has helped them succeed.

A crystal award from is the best way to recognize such achievements. Displayed in the salesperson’s office, a crystal award from, is a symbol of their achievement and motivates them to give their best effort in the future. A crystal award from tells your employees how valued they are. Don’t wait until yearly reviews to give employees recognition. Spontaneity makes receiving a crystal award that much more special. Accompanied with a letter to the person about how much their work is appreciated by you and your organization will go a long way to employee productivity and loyalty.