Product Spotlight: Acrylic Plaque Award

Product Spotlight: Acrylic Plaque Award

Posted by AA on 22nd Sep 2017

The Acrylic Plaque Award is a stylishly modern plaque award that’s perfect for any employee recognition program, marketing gift, or an everyday gift for clients and/or customers. As you can see from the image to the right, it features a dazzling plaque made of acrylic that’s fully customizable depending on your specifications.

So, why should you should the Contemporary Acrylic Plaque Award? Let’s first talk about the benefits of acrylic, as many people are unfamiliar with this material and its unique characteristics. Acrylic glass (or Poly methyl methacrylate) is a type of synthetic glass that was pioneered in the 1930s. While it looks similar in appearance to standard glass, it weighs significant less and it’s shatter-resistant. The unique combination of being lightweight and shatter-resistant make acrylic glass a popular material for use in the production of plaques and trophies.

In addition to being used in plaques and trophies, acrylic glass is also used in the following:

  • Automobile headlights and tail lights.
  • Lighthouse lenses.
  • Spectator protection wall in ice hockey rinks.
  • Heavy-duty consumer and commercial-grade aquariums.
  • Airplane and jet windows.
  • Submarine hulls.
  • And much, much more…

Another reason why you should choose the Acrylic Plaque Award is because it possesses a rich, detailed appearance that stands out from other plaque awards. The acrylic glass material offers a uniquely captivating look that’s sure to compliment any home or office. Regardless of where it’s displayed, the Acrylic Plaque Award will bring a bold new dynamic to the atmosphere.

The Acrylic Plaque Award is an ideal gift for any company’s employee appreciation program. It’s not uncommon for businesses to reward employees with recognition gift as a way of saying thanks for their hard work and dedication. Lack of recognition/appreciation can result in lower productivity, higher employee turnover rates, and a general discontent among workers. This can be prevented, however, by implementing an employee recognition program.

The next time you are looking for a meaningful gift to use in your company’s employee recognition program, check out the Acrylic Plaque Award. Its stylishly modern appearance and ultra-durable acrylic glass material makes it the perfect award for this occasion.