Product Spotlight: Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy

Product Spotlight: Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy

Posted by AA on 11th Nov 2016

The Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy is a highly detailed, bronze-finish award that depicts a bull and bear going to head to head on a solid mahogany base. Whether you’re looking for a corporate sales award to encourage higher sales among employees, or if you want to reward your invaluable clients with a little something “extra,” you can’t go wrong with this brilliant award.

Other companies’ 3D sculptures and awards on the market offer very little in terms of brilliance and aesthetic value. They churn them out with a goal of producing as many as possible, paying little-to-no attention to the small details. The Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy, however, is hand-finished for a truly spectacular and realistic appearance.

Based on the picture alone, you can see small details like the muscles contracting on the bear and bull, as well as the animals’ facial expressions. These elements come together to create an award that’s truly in a class of its own, blowing other companies’ awards out of the water. Of course, this high level of detail is just one of the many reasons why so many people choose the Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy.

The bull and bear are often viewed as symbols of strength and longevity, making this award the perfect embodiment of a company’s core values. If you want to symbolize the strength of your company, there’s no better award that the Bronze Bull and Bear. These two apex predators clashing in a head-to-head match conveys strength, longevity and a fighting spirit, which are values that most companies embrace.

Like all of the 3D awards, trophies and plaques offered here offered here at, the Bronze Bull and Bear Award Trophy comes with free personalization. Just upload or email your company logo, artwork, etc. and it will be added to the mahogany base. Employers who intend to give the award to a sales team member, for instance, may wish to personalize it with the recipient’s name. This small added detail creates a more meaningful award for the recipient, so take advantage of our free personalization service.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to only choosing the Bronze Bull and Bear Award. Take a few minutes to browse through all of our corporate and client awards to find the one that suits your needs the best. While the Bronze Bull and Bear Award is certainly an amazing product that’s useful in a countless number of circumstances, offers dozens of similar high-end 3D awards