Product Spotlight: Crystal Chrome Star Award

Product Spotlight: Crystal Chrome Star Award

Posted by AA on 8th Aug 2018

The Crystal Chrome Star Award is a stunning award that’s perfect for any employee appreciation program, corporate event, or client event. It features an authentic rounded glass crystal base with a chrome star resting at the bottom. The two bottom points of the star allow it to stand upright with no additional support – a simple but eye-catching element that adds even more aesthetic value to this already beautiful award.

It’s hard to describe the brilliance of the Crystal Chrome Star Award without seeing it for yourself. As the light hits the surface, is refracts through to create a mesmerizing display of visual fireworks. This is a feature that’s only found in authentic crystal awards such as the Crystal Chrome Star. Whether it’s displayed in the home or office, the Crystal Chrome Star Award will bring new element of style to the décor.

At 6” tall, 6” wide, and 1.5” deep, the Crystal Chrome Star Award is the ideal size for most occasions. It’s not too large to carry or bulky to carry, but it’s also not too small. You can easily carry and transport it, but you can still set it up for display in your home or office.

Like all of the awards and trophies offered at, the Crystal Chrome Star comes with free custom engraving. Just email or upload your company’s logo and message you wish to include (in text format) during the checkout process. The logo and message will then be deep etched directly into the front of the award, offering a more memorable and meaningful award for the recipient.

So, what occasions call for the Crystal Chrome Star Award? Employers often use it, and similar crystal awards and trophies, for employee appreciation programs such as employee-of-the-month. Rather than giving your employees some generic, nondescript item, you can give them a personalized crystal award with his or her name engraved directly into it. Employees respond more favorably to personalized gifts that are designed specifically for them.

But the Crystal Chrome Award can be used for more than just employee appreciation programs. Sports teams and events may use the away to reward top athletes. Business owners may also give the award to clients to create stronger relationships. These are just a few of the many instances where the Crystal Chrome Star Award can prove useful.