Product Spotlight: Crystal Clock Award

Product Spotlight: Crystal Clock Award

Posted by AA on 10th Sep 2018

Offered exclusively here at, the Crystal Clock Award lives up to its namesake by featuring a fully functional clock embedded in genuine crystal. The bevel cuts on the side metal trim surrounding the outside of the clock add a bold new dynamic to this award, further increasing its brilliance and aesthetic value. So whether you’re looking for a new gift to use in your company’s employee recognition program, or if you want to reward loyal clients with something other than a pair of sports tickets, you should check out the Crystal Clock Award.

What makes the Crystal Clock unique is its integration of a functional clock embedded directly into the crystal material. Most recognition awards are designed for looks, not function. The Crystal Clock Award takes a different approach, however, by combining the brilliant appearance of a crystal award with a timepiece. This means employees can place it on their desk, shelf, or wherever else they please, using it to keep track of time. And each time they look up at it, they’ll be reminded of everything they’ve achieved while working for the company.

Like all of the awards, trophies and other products offered at, the Crystal Clock Award comes with free personalization at no additional charge. Having the recipient’s name engraved directly into the crystal makes the award more meaningful and memorable, which is exactly what you should aim to accomplish when rewarding employees.

Far too many employees reward their workers with generic gifts such as company-branded gear, gift cards, food-of-the-month-club memberships, etc. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with gifts such as these, they don’t hold the same sentimental value as a crystal award featuring the recipient’s name engraved into it. Employees will appreciate the extra thought and effort that went into creating a personalized award; thus, it will have a greater effect in boosting employees’ productivity and job satisfaction.

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with the Crystal Clock Award. With its genuine crystal design featuring a fully functional clock and free personalization, it’s a remarkable award that shines above the rest. So go ahead and see for yourself why so many companies are choosing the Crystal Clock Award for use in their employee recognition/appreciation programs.