Product Spotlight: Crystal Victory Award Trophy 23D

Product Spotlight: Crystal Victory Award Trophy 23D

Posted by AA on 9th Apr 2020

Still searching for the perfect gift/reward? Whether it’s for a client, employee, or even a friend, you can’t go wrong with the Crystal Victory Award 23D. Offered exclusively here at, it features an ultra-detailed panel of crystal that towers over 7” tall. The genuine crystal material naturally refracts light to achieve an unparalleled level of brilliance that’s simply not found in other awards or trophies.

Like all of the products offered here at, the Crystal Victory Award 23D comes with free custom engraving. When placing your order, be sure to specify any names and/or logos you wish to include. Award personalization is done using an advanced sand-carved deep-etch process, which results in a truly stunning look that’s guaranteed to withstand the hands of time. It’s the subtle details such as this that turn an otherwise simple trophy into a remarkable and memorable award.

In addition to being used as a gift for friends or family members, the Crystal Victory Award 23D can also be used as marketing gift for clients. We talk about the benefits of client marketing gifts in a previous blog post, revealing how trophies and awards such as this can lead to stronger relationships. Client relationships are a fundamental element of any successful business, regardless of the industry/niche.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good relationship with your clients. When there’s a strong relationship between the client and business, the business will benefit from improved productivity, lower wholesale prices, and greater efficiency – just to name a few. Thankfully, business owners can improve their client relationships through the use of meaningful and relevant gifts, such as the Crystal Victory Award Trophy 23D. It’s a stunning gift that any client is sure to appreciate, which subsequently results in stronger relationships.

Whether you choose the Crystal Victory Award Trophy 23D or any other trophy or award, take advantage of’s free personalization. If you know the recipient’s name, for instance, include it in personalization section of the order form. Having the recipient’s name engraved directly into the crystal section of the award will make it more meaningful and memorable. Clients are sure to appreciate the extra thought that went into their personalized gift.

Of course, the Crystal Victory Award Trophy 23D can also be used an everyday gift. Have a friend or family member with a birthday on the horizon? Don’t give him or her the same generic gift, but instead check out some of the trophies and awards here at The Crystal Award Trophy 23D is a unique gift that’s sure to leave a lasting, positive impression on the recipient.