Product Spotlight: Large Golfer Showcase Award

Product Spotlight: Large Golfer Showcase Award

Posted by AA on 6th Dec 2019

The Large Golfer Showcase Award is the perfect trophy for any golf tournament. Whether you are hitting the green with a couple of your friends, or if you are hosting a large corporate golf tournament with employees and/or clients, you can’t go wrong with this sleek and stylish award. It features a metallic-chrome man in a full swing position as he prepares to drive the ball. The three-dimensional statue rests inside a black box with an fully customizable plaque on the front.

Overview of The Large Golfer Showcase Award

To truly make the Large Golfer Showcase Award a memorable trophy for your next golf tournament, it’s recommended that you take advantage of our free engraving services. offers engraving on all products, including the Large Golfer Showcase Award at no additional charge. Adding your company’s name, logo, and the date of the golf tournament, for instance, is a great way to make the award more meaningful and memorable to the recipient.

As you can see in the photo displayed above, the Large Golfer Showcase Award features a box-like design. This allows it to stand upright on any flat, event surface. Whomever wins the award can display it on a desk, table, bookcase, shelf, or anywhere else they prefer – assuming it’s flat. There’s no need to worry about mounting brackets or hooks, which is just one more reason why so many people prefer the Large Golfer Showcase Award.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Golf:

  • The longest drive ever recorded was 515 yards. English-American golfer Michael Hoke Austin set this record while playing in the U.S. National Seniors Tournament in 1984. Austin’s teammate was baffled by the ball’s distance, saying “This is impossible, but there is a ball over here.”
  • The world’s first golf balls were made of wood .
  • Other golf balls were made of chicken or goose feathers stuffed into a leather pouch. Known as a “feathery ball,” these unconventional golf balls would fetch upwards of $10-$20.
  • Golf is one of the two sports to have been played on the moon, the other being javelin.
  • Who says golfers are underpaid? Tiger Woods has earned over $100 million throughout his career, and he’s still going strong.
  • A drink featuring a combination of half sweet tea and half lemonade was named after pro golfer Arnold Palmer.