Product Spotlight: Modern Golfer Award

Product Spotlight: Modern Golfer Award

Posted by AA on 15th May 2019

he Modern Golfer Award is a brilliant chrome-plated three-dimensional award featuring a golfer in a full swing pose resting atop an optical crystal base. It’s a simple yet stunning design that’s perfect for any employee appreciation program, client marketing gift, or to use in your company’s next golf tournament. offers free personalization at no extra charge. The Modern Golfer Award can display your preferred text or message on the front plaque. To take advantage of this offer, be sure to include your message when placing an order.

Golf Tips

Golf is a game that relies on proper muscle movement of the body. It’s the fluid-like swing that propels the ball in the direction towards the hole. A better golf swing means greater distance, control and accuracy, essentially making you a better golfer. When you begin to improve your golf swing, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your game.

I’ve heard many first-time golfers complain about how they can’t get seem to perform a proper golf swing. You can’t expect to just pick a driver and be able to perform an effective golf swing on your very first try, it takes time and practice. A golf swing uses half a dozen different muscles in your body, twisting and turning them in unnatural ways, and you’re going to have to exercise these muscles if you want them to get stronger. Take some time each week to go to the driving range to get some golf practice.

When you’re about to perform a golf swing, try to imagine a path that leads the ball to the hole. Look down at the ball and up again towards the hole. Now imagine the path it needs to take to get there. Relax, take a deep breath and perform your swing. Perform all of your drives like this and it will almost become second nature to you.

Here’s another secret that’s often forgotten or not talked about – proper club gripping. Your going to have more distance and control over the ball when you give it a good “snap” as you hit it. However, if you’re holding the club using the palm of your hand, it’s going to be too loose for a good snap. Instead, focus on holding it with your fingers. This will give you a tighter, more controlled grip.