Product Spotlight: Optical Crystal Glass Award

Product Spotlight: Optical Crystal Glass Award

Posted by AA on 17th Oct 2019

Featuring a magnificent free-standing crystal panel, the Optical Crystal Glass Award is an awe-inspiring award that raises the bar for others to follow. It rests 6” and 4” horizontally, making it the perfect size for desks, tables, shelves, or practically anywhere else you choose to display it. The Optical Crystal Glass Award also features a curved back that adds an even greater dynamic to its aesthetics.

Unlike many other plaques and awards, the Optical Crystal Glass Award is free standing and requires no special hooks, nails or mounting kits. Its flat bottom allows you to place it on any even and level surface, which is just one more reason why so many people choose it over other awards.

The Optical Crystal Glass Award also comes with free engraving at no additional charge. Simply upload or email the image and text when placing your order. will then send you a digital proof of the design to ensure you are happy with the design. You can choose to either confirm the proof or request additional changes before proceeding with the order.

The stylish appearance and customizable options of the Optical Crystal Glass Award make it the perfect gift for an employee appreciation program. If your company has an employee-of-the-month program, for instance, perhaps you should use this brilliant award. It’s a more meaningful and memorable gift that a generic t-shirt or gift card. You can even have it personalized with the employee’s name to give it more value.

An employee appreciation program will encourage workers to put their best foot forward, which subsequently results in increased productivity, lower turnover rates, and positive morale in the workplace. To reap the most benefit from an employee appreciation program, however, employers must choose gifts that are meaningful and relevant – and that’s where the Optical Crystal Glass Award comes into play.

Trucking companies may also use the Optical Crystal Glass Award to recognize drivers for reaching X amount of miles without an accident. It’s not uncommon for trucking companies to participate in programs like “The Million Mile Club.” As the name suggests, this club is exclusive to professional drivers who log one million miles on the road without an accident. By rewarding drivers for this outstanding accomplishment, trucking companies will encourage greater safety and overall awareness on the road. The Optical Crystal Glass Award is just one of the many gifts that trucking companies can use in safety programs such as this.