Product Spotlight: Round Crystal Paperweight

Product Spotlight: Round Crystal Paperweight

Posted by AA on 8th Sep 2017

The Round Crystal Paperweight is an elegant, all-crystal paperweight featuring an array of faceted cuts around the edges for improved visibility and style. While other paperweights are mass manufactured using low-grade glass and other cheap materials, The Round Crystal Paperweight takes a step in a different direction. It’s 100% high-grade optical crystal construction brings it to life, refracting light while capturing the attention of anyone nearby.

Measuring at 3.625 inches diameter and .75-inch thickness, the Round Crystal Paperweight is the perfect size. It’s large enough for workers and executives to proudly display on their desk, but it’s still small enough to comfortably carry around. And like all of the products offered here at, the Round Crystal Paperweight comes with free personalization at no additional cost. Be sure to take advantage of this offer by including your company’s name and/or logo in the design.

So, what can you use the Round Crystal Paperweight? Aside from the obvious use – holding down stacks of paper – it makes the perfect marketing gift for clients. We talk about this in greater detail in our blog post titled Create Stronger Client Relationships with Engraved Crystal Gifts, but the bottom line is that rewarding clients with crystal gifts such as the Round Crystal Paperweight leads to stronger relationships. And by strengthening your company-client relationships, you’ll reap the benefits of better business deals, greater trust, loyalty, and more.

Far too many business owners reward their clients with generic gifts like t-shirts and gift cards. Let’s face it, clients can purchase these items anytime they please, which is where engraved crystal gifts come into play: the Round Crystal Paperweight and its stunningly elegant design offers a unique look and feel that’s not found in traditional gifts.

The Round Crystal Paperweight can also be used in employee recognition/appreciation programs. If your company has an employee-of-the-month program, for instance, perhaps you should reward selected employees with this brilliant all-crystal paperweight. It’s a fun and meaningful alternative to generic awards.