Product Spotlight: Super Star Crystal Clear Award

Product Spotlight: Super Star Crystal Clear Award

Posted by AA on 16th Jul 2020

Whether you’re looking for corporate award to use in your company’s employee-of-the-month program, a marketing gift for clients, or even a trophy to use for academic/athletic excellence, you should check out the Super Star Crystal Clear Award.

Offered exclusively here at, this mesmerizing award features a chrome figurine stretching high towards the sky and catching a star. The chrome figurine is mounted atop an authentic crystal base for an even greater level of brilliance and style. The combination of chrome and crystal creates a stunning appearance that captivates and draws you in.

Towering 11 inches tall, the Super Star Crystal Clear Award is sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever receives it. Other award manufacturing companies often use smaller and shorter designs with cheap materials to save money, but ultimately this results in a low-quality award. The Super Star Crystal Clear Award, however, is made with high-end crystal and chrome materials, with a height of nearly a foot tall!

Like all of the awards and trophies offered at, the Super Star Crystal Clear Award comes with free customization. So if you intend to use this brilliant award in your company’s employee-of-the-month program, make sure you include the recipient’s name on it. Personalizing the award with the respective employee’s name creates a more memorable and meaningful gift. Anyone can purchase a generic award, but it takes extra thought and care to personalize an award with their name.

Unfortunately, many companies use generic gifts like t-shirts and gift cards in their employee-of-the-month programs. Even if an employee “appears” to enjoy these generic gifts, it really has minimal effect on his or her disposition. A smarter approach is to use a personalized gift like an engraved trophy or plaque award that’s personalized with the employee’s name. As an added touch, you can also include your company’s logo on the award. It’s the little things like this that make an employee-of-the-month program an effective tool for motivating workers to push themselves for greater excellence.

Of course, there are dozens of other occasions in which the Super Star Crystal Clear Award can be used. Some companies use them to create stronger client relationships. If your company relies on business-to-client relationships, perhaps you should give these awards to your clients at gifts. It’s a simple gesture that shows thanks and gratitude to your clients. And by strengthening these critical relationships, you’ll reap the benefits of more returning customers.