Promote Better Safety In The Truck Driving Industry

Promote Better Safety In The Truck Driving Industry

Posted by AA on 5th Jun 2020

Safety should be the #1 priority for truck driving companies. A 53-foot tractor trailer hauling 30 tons of cargo must be carefully driven to ensure the safety of not only the driver, but the hundreds of motorists surrounding them. Accidents are bound to happen, but there are certain steps company owners and managers can take to promote better safety.

Last year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced several new changes designed to reduce accidents among truck drivers. One of these changes was lowering the maximum amount of hours a truck driver is allowed to work in a week. Previously, the amount was set at 82, but this new change reduces it down to 70. If you own or manage a truck driving company, you should be aware of your drivers’ weekly work hours. Even with this new FMSCA regulation in effect, some drivers are sneaking by with more than 70 hours of work in a week.

Truck Driver Recognition Ideas

Of course, recognition is highly effective tool for promoting better safety in the truck driving industry. By recognizing and rewarding safe drivers, you will encourage all of your drivers to use a bit more caution on the roads. A crystal truck driver award, for instance, is the perfect recognition award. Our site offers a wide variety of crystal awards designed specifically for the truck driving industry. You can even have them personalized with the driver’s name to create a more meaningful award.

Giving a crystal truck driving award to drivers who constantly practice safe driving habits will show them that all of their hard work isn’t going unnoticed. It’s not uncommon for drivers to feel unnoticed or even unappreciated. After all, they usually drive their routes alone and with no one else in the cab. However, you can show appreciation for your safe, hardworking drivers with a stylish crystal truck award.

Another idea for promoting safety in the truck driving industry is to implement a “Million Mile Club.” As the name suggests, this type of club is reserved strictly for drivers who complete at least one million miles without an accident. It’s quite the accomplishment to reach one million miles on the road, but it’s even more of an accomplishment when you do this without an accident. Setting up a Million Mile Club is a simple yet highly effective way to promote better all-around safety, and that’s the primary goal for most trucking companies.