Recognizing Students For Academic Excellence

Recognizing Students For Academic Excellence

Posted by AA on 6th Jun 2019

If you are a teacher, educator or faculty member, you should consider recognizing students who excel in their academic work. Whether its elementary school, middle school, high school or college, recognition is a key element that will lead to greater success. It’s a simple concept which encourages students to continue working hard and pushing themselves for even greater academic excellence. But how exactly do you recognize students? In this post, we’re going to reveal some ideas for student recognition.

Points-Reward System

One idea is to implement a points-reward system in your classroom where students earn a point for reaching certain criteria. At the end of the month, quarter or semester, they can either turn these points in for a prize of their choosing or save them for later. Points can be given out for making A’s on tests/homework, perfect attendance, helping others, doing extracurricular activity, etc.

If you plan on using the points-rewarding system in your classroom, you should hang a large poster or dry erase board on the wall with all of the different rewards displayed. This will allow students to see how many more points are required to reach the different rewards. Keep the board updated and make changes to it as needed. You can hang a calendar nearby with all of your students’ names written along with their current number of points.

Crystal Awards

Of course, you can always recognize students for academic excellence with a personalized crystal award. This is something students can keep and cherish for years to come, and it will act as a source of inspiration for working hard in the future. The rising star crystal award, for instance, is the perfect choice for students of all grade levels. It features a brilliant crystal star with deep-cut accents at multiple angles. And like all of the products offered at, it comes with free engraving at no extra cost.

GPA Recognition

As a teacher, you should constantly work to improve the GPA averages of the students in your classroom. This is essentially a measurement of all of the student’s average grades, which is why it’s such an important number. Recognizing students for reaching and keeping a high GPA will naturally encourages everyone in the classroom to achieve similar academic success. In addition to personalized crystal awards, you can also reward high-GPA students with t-shirts, lanyards, pizza parties, candy, gift cards, etc.