Show Appreciation To Customer Service Employees

Show Appreciation To Customer Service Employees

Posted by AA on 11th May 2017

Do you own or manage a business that deals directly with customers? If so, you should show appreciation to employees responsible for customer service. There are many small, simple ways companies can show appreciation, some of which are free while others cost money. By going the extra mile to tell your employees “thanks” for their work in customer service, they’ll likely continue this behavior in the future. But what’s the best approach to customer service employee recognition? And what types of gifts should businesses give their employees? To learn the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Importance of Quality Customer Service

The way a business talks and communicates with its customers plays a key role in its overall success. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: if you walked into one store that completely ignored you, and another store that greeted you with a friendly “Hello, is there anything I can help you with today?” which one would you most likely revisit in the future?

Customer service also sets the mood in the workplace for other employees to follow. One ‘bad apple’ can cause a wave of negativity running throughout the business, which in turn reduces productivity and efficiency. Companies that perform business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions must focus on creating a positive environment, and customer service is one element that affects this.

How To Gauge Customer Service Performance

In order to show appreciation to customer service employees, you must first gauge their performance on the job. Closely observe employees when they are dealing with customers. Look at their body language, how ‘pushy’ they are being, whether or not they go the extra mile, etc. All of these elements come together to affect a business’s customer service.

Of course, you may also want to look over customer feedback cards. Some businesses (not all) hand out anonymous feedback cards to their customers. If someone had a positive shopping experience thanks to a particular employee, they can write his or her name down on the feedback card.

Customer Service Appreciation Gifts

There are dozens of ways to show appreciation to customer service employees. Some businesses may send out an email showcasing employees with the best customer service track record. Others may give their employees a personalized plaque, trophy or other award. If you’re struggling to choose an appropriate gift, check out some of our previous posts here the Blog for more tips and ideas.