Silver Dove Spirit Award

Silver Dove Spirit Award

Posted by AA on 24th Apr 2018

Whether it’s the CEO of your company, the President of your non-profit organization, or your congregation’s minister, strong leaders with good intuition are a breed apart. For an organization to succeed, its leaders must have a sense of intuition. Does the leader of your organization deserve to be recognized for their outstanding contributions and leadership? If so, then the Silver Dove Spirit Award is just the symbol to mark this occasion.

An intuitive leader has a wealth of experience to draw from. Their leadership isn’t about making good decisions every now and then or being lucky. They’ve learned from the experience of others. They’ve also experienced successes and failures and made the most of both, making them an asset to your organization.

In his book, My American Journey, U.S. Army General and Secretary of State Colin Powell explains his take on wisdom versus smarts. “Dig up all the information you can, then go with your instincts. We all have a certain intuition, and the older we get, the more we trust it… I use my intellect to inform my instinct. Then I use my instinct to test all this data.” The Silver Dove Spirit Award is the perfect way to recognize a leader who exhibits wisdom in decision making. This is a leader whose choices have typically been informed ones in which careful consideration and research was conducted. There’s a difference between being wise and purely intelligent. Wisdom guides intuition.

The Silver Dove Spirit Award is for leaders who can shift into second gear rather than second guess. Leaders who routinely display intuition are those who reach decisions quickly based on their assessment of a given situation. Their instinct points them in a particular direction and they shift into second gear in order to move things forward. They trust their intuition enough that they don’t over-analyze data, second-guess the choices they’ve made, nor do they change course, slowing down the organizations progress.

Successful leaders are in tune with those around them, enabling them to adequately understand various personality types, read body language and anticipate how others will react to certain situations. Leaders who deserve to be recognized with the Silver Dove Spirit Award know how to best leverage team members strengths and weaknesses. Leaders of this caliber also know their own limits and when it’s time to rely on the talents, intuitions and abilities of others.

Finally, a successful leader understands that it’s his or her responsibility to define reality. These are men and women who are cognizant of an organization’s ever-changing details. They don’t focus solely on the minutia of their job descriptions, disregarding the world around them. They successfully fulfill their own role while stepping back and surveying the entire landscape of the organization, knowing what technology, personnel, financial assets and other resources will best benefit the organization as a whole. They not only expect ever-changing industry trends, they prepare for them. The Silver Dove Spirit Award is the perfect way to recognize or appreciate the spirit of leadership qualities with a one of a kind design found only as